Powder Coating

Sell_Powder_Coating_ColorsAt Two Brothers Coatings you can be assured of a personal and superior powder coating service, with attention to fine detail. Our items are all pre-heated and hand sprayed ensuring a thorough, quality result. Our 3m oven has a total cubic space of 18.75m.

We have an extensive range of colours in stock, and can coat your metal work to the gloss level required. Using only the highest quality powder paints and having an extensive range of colours in stock, you can choose with confidence almost any shade of colour or finish you required.

Powder coatings are tougher and more durable than wet paint, and less likely to chip or peel.
Powder coatings are more environmentally friendly, being free of many of the unpleasant chemicals that wet paints contain.
Powder coatings produce an even finish, over a wide surface area, without showing the direction of application.
Good preparation is paramount to a good long lasting finish. Here at Two Brothers we can sand blast your smaller items for an additional surcharge, ready for powder coating. Items too large for our cabinet can be referred on to trusted companies for preparatory blasting before being returned to us for completion.


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